Artist Statement

"the symphony of imagination is a journey of spirit, color, iteration, dimension and sound that invokes our ambient stream of consciousness"


Welcome, my name is Jason Asher and I'm an artist who displays pieces as an iterative sequence called the AmbientSteam. My art making process involves six steps; aWIP (artwork in progress), ORIGINAL (traditional art piece). RE*MIX (iterations of the ORIGINAL piece), MOTION (a 3D animated representation of the ORIGINAL and RE*MIX pieces, NTF (Non-fungible token) for collecting, and VIRTUAL (a virtual reality representation of the Origin, RE+MIX and Motion pieces).

I enjoy expressing myself through multiple mediums and seeing concepts evolve through them. Each of the mediums that I work in facilitate and evoke different signals and evolving narrative influenced by visual execution, motion, audio, or dimension.   A sense of freedom comes with being a multi-discipline artist, the freedom for me comes within the mediums themselves and how each one becomes a vertical unto itself as part of a larger framework of a story. This lets the viewer form a relationship by iteration and keeps them exploring different aspects of the work within the AmbientStream.

My goal is to give the viewer a glimpse of how I see and perceive the world as a way of engaging with them. It's always been difficult for me to understand traditional art work because it's more of a termination point than a full on conversation. I believe that the visual the dialogue of the AmbientStream gives the viewer an insight into what's it is about. 

I feel it's important to give the viewer full on access to the entire process which is why my collectors have the ability to view my AmbientStream of consciousness which is similar to a social media posts taking the collector on a journey from ideation to finished work.  This level of transparency enables the collector and subscribers an intimately transparent view into my creative process and lets them share in the process by asking questions along the away. 

This artist statement is a work in progress, and if you have any questions please click here to ask us a question.

Thank you for coming,