History + Influences

I am vey fortunate to have had some great teachers and mentors throughout my life, I am even more fortunate to have had the ability to listen, internalize and put into to practice as much as I could to the best of my ability. We must always keep learning, and looking to the future knowing that our journey's history has a presence in the past which can help us navigate the future. Have the eternal "joy of missing out" (jomo) so that you can remained focused on today.

Winter 1995
Piet Mondrain at Moma was a game changer for me as it was the first time I saw a painter that blended art and architecture into a canvas. These canvases had a dramatic dialogue of space, color and rhythm.
Septemer 1997
Transferred to THE SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS. I ended up applying to SVA at the recommendation of the drawing professor at SUNY Farmingdale who recommended that I go there. While at SVA I had privilege of being a student of Farrell Brickhouse, Alan Scarritt, Marilyn Minter, Frank Gillette and Jack Whitten.
Spring 1998
Started as work study intern at Exit Art / The First World. Jeanete Ingberman taught me about the NYC Art World, she was an amazing person. Spent a lot of time mentoring me on how to become an artist. Papo Colo taught me graphic design, and how to put up a show. Both of them were gifts to the dowtown NYC art scene and are responsible for launching the careers of many artists.
Fall 1998
Started using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop to make art out of stills from animations. These animations were of abstract sculptures. Within the center of was an animated helix and sphere.
Winter 1999
Started to take an interest in Robert Rauchenberg, Bruce Nuaman, Willam deKooning, William Kentridge, Claude Monet,
Winter 2000
Frank Gillette selects me for my first show in SOHO NYC, displayed 6 digital prints in a group show. Frank really pushed me a lot in the months prior to selecting me for the show, he challenged me in ways that I was never challenged before. Although at the time he was highly critical of me, it was a great help as it got me to a much better place. (photo: Frank Gellette / easthamptonstar.com)
Spring 2000
Jeanette Ingberman sits me down before graduation and encourages me to struggle and figure how to be an artist on my own no matter how long it takes. It was a great talk and a tremendous dose or reality.  Her advice was spot on as I was not ready at that time to show. Became an expert in coding VRML 3D envirionment. Graduate with a BFA from THE SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS.
Spring 2001
Learned what it means to produce ineractive media for a large media company (WDC / ABC). Start learning 3D Studio Max mre in-depth.
Winter 2003
Learned Art Direction / fonts and colors as a designer for various hight tech companies. Start studying color theory more seriously using Josef Albers as my starting point.
Winter 2004
Got certified on a number of online advertising platforms and worked on interactive advertising campaigns. Start exploring 3D interactivity in Flash and 3D animation for websites.
Spring 2006
Started managing e-commerce businesses, began sketching out idea of what would become the AmbientStream.
Winter 2009
Started taking hi-res photos of my art pieces and experimenting with them in photoshop, this workflow become the RE*MIX vertical of the AmbientStream. Learned Product Management and Development
Fall 2010
Began taking the RE*MIX'd images and turned them into animated videos. The videos were the experimental grounds for the MOTION vertical of the AmbientStream. Start managing ecommerce and digital strategy for clients.
Spring 2013
After a few years of experimenting with aWIP's, ORIGINAL's, RE*MIXes and MOTION's I start identifying the gaps in the process and work on improving it.
Winter 2014
Start creative the ORIGINALS for the current AmbientStreams
Fall 2014-Winter 2016
Start developing AmbientStreams for multiple projects.
Winter 2017 - Summer 2017
Start rendering and editing MOTION's
Fall 2017 - January 2020
Learn Pro-Tools, re-learn music theory, re-render MOTION's at 4K, begin sketching out the concept for the VIRTUAL
February 2020 - Winter 2021
The AmbientStream concept enters an MVP phase, decision is made to go live
Spring 2022
First AmbientStream Launches: Self Portrait One
Summer 2022
Stay tuned...